The Book of Jhereg

The Book of Jhereg

Steven Brust

Synopsis of The Book of Jhereg

An omnibus collection, including:


There are many ways to advance in the world. Vlad Taltos chose the route of assassin. His qualifications:quick wits & sword, a smattering of witchcraft & his constant companion- a young jhereg, its leathery wings and poisonous teeth always at Vlad's command, its alien mind psionically linked with his own. . .


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Vlad Taltos tells the story of his early days in the House Jhereg, how he found himself in a Jhereg war, and how he fell in love with the wonderful woman, Yendi, who killed him.

Reviews of The Book of Jhereg


Buy this Book for a great caper novel and some very keen writing sharpened by moments of poetry. Just don't expect consistency -- Inchoatus