Forbidden Cargo

Forbidden Cargo

Rebecca K. Rowe

Synopsis of Forbidden Cargo

Growing up on Mars hasn't been easy. But it is the only life Sashimu has ever known. Inside the safety of their Martian complex, Sashimu and her friends excel at their studies and are looking forward to graduation. It is life as usual in 2110 ... but, unknown to Sashimu and the other Imagofas, it is a forbidden life! To speed up human evolution, the Order had covertly engineered a new generation of human Nano-DNA beings and dubbed them the Imagofas. Created against the government's dictates, the government wants proof of the Order's illegal activity. Two of the Imagofas, Sashimu and her best friend Thesni, are kidnapped and brought back to Earth to stand before a tribunal as evidence of the Order's atrocities against humanity.

But, during the trip from Mars to Earth, something goes horribly wrong and the kidnapped Imagofas are forced to become fugitives. Separated from each other, Sashimu and Thesni desperately seek the help of strangers to escape Earth's hostile environment.

Along the way they enlist the help of a hard-core gamer known only as the Cadet and befriend the renegade artificial intelligence code-named Prometheus.

The Imagofas will risk everything to escape Earth for Mars. They are, after all, wanted by the government and by the Order ... DEAD OR ALIVE!

Reviews of Forbidden Cargo


With its nano-tech perspective and infatuation with futuristic politics, this Book talks to fans who prefer their science fiction with a hard social science dimension. -- Carolyn Frank, SFRevu

Unfortunately the Book is a first novel, and Rowe isn't quite up to carrying off the power of her ideas. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

This is not just a really good first novel, it's a really good novel. -- Paul Lappen,

Look no further sci fi readers, anime fans, and casual video gamers, because this is your summer reading Book. -- C.Rooney, Dreaming In Red

Rowe or EDGE need to submit Forbidden Cargo for some sci-fi first-novel awards, because this Book is definitely a contender. -- Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow

Try and put it down between plot twists. Go ahead. Try.... -- Pam Allan, Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society

This debut novel from Rebecca Rowe blends the high concept sci-fi storytelling of Robert Heinlein with flashy visual descriptions and action-packed sequences that recall anime films and videogames as much as William Gibson's cyberpunk classic Neuromancer (Ace Books, 1985). -- Hebdomeros

Dealing with issues of freedom and responsibility, as well as epistemological and existential quandaries, Rowe still manages to deliver a slam-bang adventure. -- Paul Di Filippo, The Washington Post