House of Whispers

House of Whispers

Margaret Lucke

Synopsis of House of Whispers

Claire Scanlan is launching a new career in real estate and has a chance to sell a spectacular oceanview home designed by a world-renowned architect. But the home has a problem that frightens off buyers - it was the site of a vicious mass murder. As Ben Grant, the handsome, successful brother of one of the murder victims, shows Claire and a real estate rival the empty house, Claire experiences strange sensations. The unexplainable experiences continue and the idea that the place might be haunted both fascinates and repels her. Claire is also fascinated, and not at all repelled, by Ben Grant. Claire realizes the psychic experiences are real and must solve the mystery of the bloody tragedy - even though Ben seems to be a suspect.

Galactium Review

The beginning was a bit slow, but the rest of the plot unfolds at a decent pace without revealing too much too soon. As a result the guilty party is not too easy to guess, i.e. it's a successful mystery. As a paranormal novel, it's nice to see a modern well kept house be the subject of a haunting rather than just the overused century old mansion formula. However, it would have been better if a bit more time was spent on character development and motivations. There is touch of romance to add flavor to the story, but it wasn't quite believable enough to add weight to the main character. All in all though a good afternoon diversion.

Reviews of House of Whispers


" had trouble holding my attention." -- Beth Slater, SFRevu

a good afternoon diversion. -- Daniel Eskridge,

In the end, maybe I simply expected something different from this Book -- Jia, Dear Author

This is an entertaining and suspenseful tale with a sweet blossoming romance. -- Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Margaret Lucke keeps the plot moving at a breakneck pace that, along with the story's emotional atmosphere, keeps the reader sucked in and hanging on for dear life. -- Ricki Marking-Camuto, Bookloons