Market Forces

Market Forces

Richard K. Morgan

Synopsis of Market Forces

A blistering near-future thriller that will propel Richard Morgan onto the bestseller lists - a novel that will be enjoyed by any thriller reader.

Reviews of Market Forces


So, Richard Morgan's third Book sees him branching out a little and improving a little upon what he already does so well -- which is to say no incredible surprises here, just another "Certificate 18" killer read that you'd be a fool to miss! -- Stuart Carter , Infinity Plus

...Morgan's writing is as explosive and energized as one could hope for. -- John Berlyne, SF Revu

There are times when it appears that Morgan is trying to write an anti-globalization Book. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

Morgan's near-future techno thriller has all the bite and brilliance of his Kovacs Books -- Adam Roberts, The Alien Online

Overall, this is very much a violent car movie set on paper. -- Geoff Willmetts, SF Crowsnest

Market Forces is a novel at odds with itself. It wants to be a dystopic satire in the tradition of 1984, yet it also wants to be a thriller as sleek and unstoppable as the cars driven by its characters. -- Paul Witcover,