Messiah Node

Messiah Node

Lyda Morehouse

Synopsis of Messiah Node

A potent mix of technology and salvation is the trademark of Lyda Morehouse's brilliant novels. Now, Messiah Node takes her uniquely-imagined world one step closer to its fate-as AIs and archangels, prophets and criminal masterminds face the final day of reckoning.

Reviews of Messiah Node


...just grab your copy of Messiah Node the instant it hits the shelf and start reading. -- Lisa DuMond, MEViews

Morehouse really goes for the throat with this Book: maintaining a sense of exhilaration and terror, convincing you that things could really fall apart, that the end may be at hand. -- A.M. Dellamonica,

All your favourite characters from the first Books are here, the action is unrelenting and the characters get better and better as the story unfolds. -- Vegar Holmen, The Alien Online

I warn you: events move at breakneck speed -- you will want to hang on to your hat ... and you will probably do a reread to read between the lines. -- Jean Marchand, Rambles