Midnight Harvest

Midnight Harvest

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Synopsis of Midnight Harvest

From the Chronicles of Saint-Germain comes Book 16 in the long-running vampire Series which brings the Dark Prince to Calif- ornia during the Great Depression. Fleeing Spain at the beginning of their Civil War, the vampire Saint-Germain arrives in Calif-ornia to reunite with the older and wiser Rowena Saxon, who is considering following the Dark Prince into an eternal life. Meanwhile, Saint-Germain is unaware that a ruthless assassin is pursuing him--one of the most charming killers ever to grace the page: Cenere. Unbelievably smooth and utterly inhumane, Cenere has trailed Saint-Germain across oceans and continents, killing anyone in his way, including those under Saint-Germain's protection. But will Saint-Germain finally awaken to the danger that threatens him before all he loves is lost?

Reviews of Midnight Harvest


Unfortunately, Yarbro's heavyhanded dialogue and extensive repetition detract from the pleasure. -- BooksForABuck

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has written another superb novel. -- Liz Cooper, Bookloons