Robert J. Sawyer

Synopsis of Mindscan

Jake Sullivan has cheated death: he's discarded his doomed biological body and copied his consciousness into an android form. The new Jake soon finds love, something that eluded him when he was encased in flesh: he falls for the android version of Karen, a woman rediscovering all the joys of life now that she's no longer constrained by a worn-out body either. But suddenly Karen's son sues her, claiming that by uploading into an immortal body, she has done him out of his inheritance. Even worse, the original version of Jake, consigned to die on the far side of the moon, has taken hostages there, demanding the return of his rights of personhood. In the courtroom and on the lunar surface, the future of uploaded humanity hangs in the balance.

Reviews of Mindscan


Mindscan is a very readable science-fiction novel, and fans of Robert Sawyer should not be overly disappointed. -- D. Douglas Fratz , Scifi.com

By alternating the points of view of the two Jacks, Sawyer deftly examines what a future might be like in two neighboring countries that have become polar opposites. -- Mark Graham, The Rocky Mountain News

Mindscan is Robert Sawyer's best yet, SF that explores an issue that may not be all that far ahead of us, by developing all kinds of intriguing human implications. -- Hilary Williamson, Bookloons