Jack McDevitt

Synopsis of Odyssey

Multiple Nebula Award-finalist Jack McDevitt returns to the world of Chindi and Omega-and humanity's struggle with its own existence.

To boost waning interest in interstellar travel, a mission is sent into deep space to learn the truth about "moonriders," the strange lights supposedly being seen in nearby systems. But the team soon discovers that their odyssey is no mere public-relations ploy, for the moonriders are not a harmless phenomenon. They are very, very dangerous-in a way that no one could possibly have imagined

Reviews of Odyssey


A number of factors conspire to drag down this tale, developing a germ of a good idea into something of a disappointment. -- Paul Di Filippo, Scifi.com

The cast feels a bit odd for a first encounter (a PR, a teen and a reporter), but fans of Mr. McDevitt will appreciate his cautionary tale that we better do something today or pay an exorbitant amount tomorrow that spins into an outer space opera. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

I enjoyed this novel and recommend it to all space adventure enthusiasts. -- Bill Lawhorn, SFRevu