Dan Simmons

Synopsis of Olympos

Helen of Troy is in mourning for her dead husband, Paris. Killed in single combat with the merciless Apollo. His body a scorched and blasted thing. Hockenberry, her lover, still sneaks from her bed after their nights of lovemaking. And the Gods still strike out from the besieged Olympos. Their single-molecule bomb casings quantum phase-shifting through the moravecs' force shield and laying waste to Ilium. Or so Hockenberry and the amusing little metal creature, Mahnmut, have tried to explain to her. Helen of Troy does not give a fig about machines. She must dress for the funeral. And man and the gods and the unknown players in this tragedy must prepare for the final act. And a battle that will decide the future of the universe itself.

Reviews of Olympos


Olympos turns out to be one of the most intensely disappointing and frustrating publishing events of the year. -- Inchoatus

Unfortunately, Olympos is not sci-fi at its best - or even Dan Simmons at his best. -- Gary Taylor, The Guardian

To him[Dan Simmons], the telling and retelling of great stories is at the core of who we are; we can no sooner stop being storytellers than we can stop eating, sleeping, and having sex. It is as a tribute to that storytelling process that Olympos qualifies as a masterpiece. -- T. M. Wagner, SFReviews.Net

Author Dan Simmons combines literary allusions to Homer, Shakespear, Joyce, Proust, and others, archaic and post-futuristic warfare, portable black holes, and a multiverse where quantum worlds are created by powerful Authors to deliver an exciting and satisfying story. -- BooksForABuck

Olympos is an audacious and fabulous stew of big ideas, broad action and fantastic voyages, smaller character-driven stories and playful literary references. -- Damian Kilby , Scifi.com

Will this one be on the Hugo ballot in LA? Of course it will. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

The prose of Mr. Simmons is what...ll keep you reading this ...mostly. -- Byron Merritt, Fwomp.com

"Olympos" is a satisfying ending to another science fiction epic that manages to mix great literary pastiche with some highly original storytelling. -- Dorman T. Shindler, The Denver Post

Simmons is right at home with this kind of grand-scale storytelling, and "Ilium" and "Olympos" together solidify his reputation as one of science fiction's genuine modern masters. -- Michael Berry, The San Francisco Chronicle