Paladin of Souls

Paladin of Souls

Lois McMaster Bujold

Synopsis of Paladin of Souls

Lois McMaster Bujold has won the Hugo award four times, and the Nebula award twice. This is her second epic fantasy and the sequel to Curse of Chalion. The Golden General's curse has been lifted from the royal family and Cazaril can now rest easy and enjoy his new life with his bride Betriz. However, life for Ista, the Dowager Royina has not improved. With the death of her mother, the Provincara, and with her surviving child Iselle now ruling Chalion from the Capital Cardegross, she is left without purpose. Her brother's family still think she's mad and aim to keep her locked up safely to avoid embarrasment, but she craves freedom and escape and begins to plan how this may become reality.

Reviews of Paladin of Souls


Rich in tantalizing tidbits of foreshadowing, colorfully drawn characters and wry humor; Paladin of Souls is a masterwork from an Author at the height of her creative powers. -- EJ McClure, SFRevu

Paladin of Souls is a must read for fantasy lovers. -- Hilary Williamson, Bookloons

PALADIN OF SOULS is a mature work by one of the best SF Authors writing today. -- BooksForABuck

It's a pleasure to find a writer who can take the familiar fantasy settings so beloved of readers and put her own skillful stamp on them. -- Blaise Selby,

Just a smidgen of romance, theology and adventure make this an excellent sequel that stands on its own, fairly strong, merits. -- Cindy Lynn Speer, Fantastica Daily

Displaying her trademark talent for balancing pathos and comedy, Bujold manages to craft a fantasy every bit as pleasurable to read as her Miles Vorkosigan Books. -- Nigel Quinlan, The Alien Online