The Reliquary Ring

The Reliquary Ring

Cherith Baldry

Synopsis of The Reliquary Ring

An outstanding new adult fantasy from an Author acclaimed for her fiction aimed at younger readers. The setting is a fabulously wealthy maritime city where created humans (genics) are despised and exploited by the genuine human citizens. But then the sinister Count Dracone plots to seize ultimate power with the aid of infernal beings and the emissaries and technology of the sinister northern Empire. Set in a parallel Venice, this is a beautifully written fantasy of good versus evil, tolerance and charity versus fanaticism and self-interest. It draws us into not only the rich beauty and opulence of a wealthy city, undersea inhabitants and the eccentric inventiveness of the northern neighbours, but is also an excursion to hell itself.

Reviews of The Reliquary Ring


A sweeping romance of an alternate mediaeval Venice, but one that ultimately has more gloss than substance -- Ariel, The Alien Online

Readers who yearn for well-written, literate, atmospheric fantasy that doesn't feature massed battles and orcs will find much here to enjoy. -- Stephen Palmer, Infinity Plus

The Reliquary Ring is a thoroughly entertaining Book, and presents a strikingly different approach to the fantasy novel. -- Chris Butler, Infinity Plus