The Rosetta Codex

The Rosetta Codex

Richard Paul Russo

Synopsis of The Rosetta Codex

Cale Alexandros was five years old when his family's starship was attacked en route to Morningstar, the lone outpost of civilization on a savage planet. Cale escaped, only to be picked from the wreckage by nomads. He endured life as a slave until a sympathetic trader freed him, but Cale never forgot what happened in the desert wastes-in a strange, ancient temple, when he found a Book with strange metal pages and cryptic writings.

When he finally reaches Morningstar, he realizes the true importance of his discovery. The Book is a key to understanding alien languages. But it also holds a secret that some people will do anything to control.

Reviews of The Rosetta Codex


Essentially, this is the Book equivalent of a popcorn movie. It's entertaining for those who like this sort of thing but nothing deeper and certainly not worth a second read. -- Sam Lubell, SFRevu

Richard Paul Russo provides a strong character- driven outer space adventure. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

In this lovingly composed novel, full of turbulent drama and high emotions, Russo has created something that is at once timeless and timely. -- Paul Di Filippo,