Ruled Britannia

Ruled Britannia

Harry Turtledove

Synopsis of Ruled Britannia

The New York Times bestselling Author turns his talent for alternate history to Elizabethan England-transformed by Spanish conquerers-where the question "Is England to be or not to be?" can only be answered by a man named William Shakespeare.

Reviews of Ruled Britannia


Lovers of language will thrill at Turtledove's achievement here, even while wishing, perhaps, that the Book were a hundred pages shorter. -- Mary Whipple,

All and all this tale is great fun and I read it in a night. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, Tome Of Lazarus -

William Shakespeare as the hero and the reluctant catalyst to signal the beginning of the revolution is an inspired plot device, one that guarantees reader interest for more than just Mr. Turtledove's legion of fans. -- Harriet Klausner,

As SF, this Book lacks the kind of heady historical manipulation found in such works as Turtledove's own The Guns of the South (1992). -- Paul Di Filippo,

A thoroughly magisterial work of alternate history. -- Roland Green, Booklist

Fortunately, there is much cause for celebration in Ruled Britannia -- Steven H Silver, Steven Silver's SF Website

To say that the Author has done his research is a staggering understatement; the era comes vividly to life in this taut, all-too-possible thriller. -- Lisa DuMond, SF Site

Sprinkled with literary jokes, peopled with a lively supporting cast and filled with engaging plot reversals, "Ruled Brittania" is a smart, enjoyable exercise in "what if?" -- Michael Berry, San Francisco Chronicle

Using period vernacular immerses the reader in Mr. Turtledove's world, however the action is slow and unappealing. -- Kelly Rae Cooper, Romantic Times Book Club

For me, at least, the magic of alternate history is seeing how the world is changed by a slightly different turn of fate (hence the success of the Spanish Armada). -- BooksForAbuck