Don D'Ammassa

Synopsis of Scarab

Far in the future, humanity is spread across the Galaxy. On the planet of Tashista, a serial killer known as the Scarab has moved from murdering the poor to the son ofan aritocrat. An offworlder named Sandor Dyle, a pattern recognition expert, arrives to help track down the killer.

Reviews of Scarab


This science fiction police procedural is action packed, exciting and will appeal to readers of both genres. -- Harriet Klausner,

A reader can skip Scarab's infodumps and still follow the plot. But many readers will abandon this novel before the end. -- Cynthia Ward,

...Scarab is an absorbing and entertaining work of sci-crime fiction, and you're certain to learn a thing or two about any of a range of topics: pattern analysis, police procedure, and social satire. -- Kilian Melloy, Wigglefish