A Secret Atlas

A Secret Atlas

Michael A. Stackpole

Synopsis of A Secret Atlas

In Nalenyr, the family of the Royal Cartographer stands in a unique position. They not only draw the maps, but also explore uncharted territories, expanding and updating the existing knowledge of the world. Their talent has yielded them enormous power and wealth...and it can also cost them their lives.

Now the Royal Cartographer's two grandsons, Keles and Jorim, have been sent on a dangerous mission to explore the darkest corner of the unknown. As one charts the seas, looking for new lands, the other braves a region torn apart by ancient magics. Meanwhile, back home, their sister, Nirati, tries to protect her brothers from the intrigues, passions, and jealousies that constantly endanger their family. But what Keles and Jorim discover this time is bigger and more terrifying than any new land or sea. It will threaten the fragile peace maintained since the near-apocalyptic Cataclysm years earlier. And provoke a murderous act against the Cartographers that will set off a chain of events shaking the world...both discovered and undiscovered'to its core....

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Reviews of A Secret Atlas


Finding romance in exploration and the acquisition of knowledge rather than warfare...although plenty of the latter still intrudes'stackpole's novel resembles science fiction almost as much as it does pure fantasy, lending it allure for readers who might not otherwise be tempted by a mere Tolkien-style trilogy. -- Paul Di Filippo, Scifi.com

There were times I was reading it when I didn't want to put it down, and I just wanted to continue reading. -- Rob H. Bedford, SFFWorld.com

A SECRET ATLAS is a fascinating, fulfilling and fantastic epic fantasy that takes the reader on journeys to strange unexplored lands populated by people who have never even heard of the Nine Principalities because they are so isolated. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

For the adventure, the magic, the exploration and the fun, you should try A Secret Atlas, it -- Colleen R. Cahill, Fast Forward

It's all a fairly rich and agreeable stew. The difficulty is that in places it promises to be something a bit more cordon bleu than that. -- Andy Stout, SFCrowsnest