Shadow Touch

Shadow Touch

Marjorie M. Liu

Synopsis of Shadow Touch

Elena Baxter can work miracles with her hands. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind. She has been doing such work for almost all of her twenty-eight years. That is why she will be taken. The media called it a rampage of terror, the recent murders. But fighting crime is why Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele. The international detective agency specializes in the impossible, and their creed is simple: Help those in need, no matter how difficult, and no matter what, keep the secret safe. For the agency helps its employees, too; people like Artur -- the gifted, the tormented. Dirk & Steele gave the Russian emigre purpose, protection, community...and refuge from his past, for who can trust a man who can start a fire with his mind, or shape-shift, or read others' thoughts as easily as drawing breath? For his similar talent, Artur will be taken.

Into the darkness Elena and Artur will be drawn, into the clutches of evil. Cornered, isolated, caged, they will fight for their very souls. But salvation awaits. it exists in a form least expected: a dream of a face, a brush of a mind, the hint of a kiss, and finally, at long last, a SHADOW TOUCH.

Reviews of Shadow Touch


There's something about reading about people who have no reason to trust each other taking a chance and working together for the good of others when it may cost them their lives that makes you feel good about the human race. -- Gayle Surrette, SFRevu

Simply put, this is an X-Men or Mutant-X novel for adult ladies. -- Amanda Kilgore, The Eternal Night

With a towering talent, Marjorie M. Liu makes SHADOW TOUCH a thrilling, heart-touching, taut read. -- Lindsay Randall, Revision 14

A compelling thriller and potent paranormal romance, be sure to check out SHADOW TOUCH. -- Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

The sequel to the wonderful TIGER's EYE, SHADOW TOUCH, is a great romantic fantasy thriller that is must reading by sub-genre fans. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

This gritty, globe-hopping urban fantasy Series is one of the hottest new entries on the market today. -- Claire E. White, The Internet Writing Journal

Book Two in this mind-blowing Series proves that Liu is a world-class talent. -- Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Book Club