The Soul Stealer (Spy High S.)

The Soul Stealer (Spy High S.)

A.J. Butcher

Synopsis of The Soul Stealer (Spy High S.)

They've busted techno-terrorists, outwitted crazed scientists, and taken on nightmare genetic freaks, but Bond Team have never faced anything like THIS before. The Spy High final exams are two gruelling weeks of simulated espionage missions. Bond Team will be deprived of sleep, food and water. Given dodgy weapons and worse advice. Forced to go up against their own friends. And offered absolutely no respite. If they survive, they'll realise their dreams and graduate from the world's most elite and secretive college. If they fail . they won't even remember they were there. All the friends they've made, all the skills they've learned will be wiped from their minds in an instant. And two days in, the pressure is already starting to show.

Reviews of The Soul Stealer (Spy High S.)


...a well-written, thoroughly enjoyable story. -- Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night