Strange But Not A Stranger

Strange But Not A Stranger

James Patrick Kelly

Synopsis of Strange But Not A Stranger

The 16 stories in this collection run the gamut from cyber adventure and a ghostly haunting to chemically modified romance and a time travel mission to save the world. The Hugo Award winner, "10(to the 16th) to 1," tells the story of a boy in the 1960s who gets caught up in a spirited adventure that becomes a desperate attempt to prevent a nuclear holocaust. In "The Cruelest Month," a grieving mother is haunted both by the past and a ghost. "The Prisoner of Chillon" presents a radioactive Lake Geneva overrun with cyberpunks seeking fame and fortune through software piracy. By turns humorous and harrowing, this collection highlights the short fiction of a lauded Author at his best.

Reviews of Strange But Not A Stranger


Still, awards don't make the Author, fiction does, and Strange But Not A Stranger contains almost 300 pages of great fiction. -- J.B. Peck,

The introduction aside this is a near perfect collection of short works -- James Nicoll, SF

It's a strong introduction to a collection that maintains a high level of quality, from the first story to the last. -- Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

...a welcome collection of short stories by James Patrick Kelly. -- Gerald Jonas, New York Times

Kelly also has a remarkable ability to take groaningly clich...d concepts and put a surprisingly fresh twist on them. -- John C. Snider, SciFi Dimensions