Tomorrow Log

Tomorrow Log

Sharon Lee
Steve Miller

Synopsis of Tomorrow Log

Meanwhile, on another side of the universe...

Freelance thief Gem ser...Edreth makes the calculated mistake of turning down a commission from the local crime boss. Gem's hidden past proves an unexpected liability as his plans to leave the planet go catastrophically awry. Suddenly embroiled in interplanetary politics, and a potential interstellar war, in possession of the mysterious Witness for the Telios-an ancient object of power-and an unwanted cousin, Gem discovers that the Witness may hold the key to his salvation-or his undoing.

As usual, this title is available in hard cover and soft cover, and the hard covers will be autographed by Sharon and Steve!

Comments from the Authors:

We're Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and we've been writing science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories together for around 20 years, including the Liaden Universe... science fiction Series and the Kinzel fantasy stories. We'd like to thank you for taking the time to read the fine print here on the Meisha Merlin site, especially if you've never read any of our Books or stories before.

If you aren't familiar with our work, we write character-oriented fiction, usually with a lot of action and adventure. Honor plays an important part in our work, and in the case of The Tomorrow Log, we wanted a chance to work with what happens when a well-established lone thief is put in circumstances where he'll have to work with others to thrive ... or even to survive. Readers of the Liaden Universe... won't be surprised to find a blade or two in evidence, though we think you'll quickly see that Gem ser'Edreth is not a simple Val Con clone, nor will you find anyone quite like The Witness for the Telios in our other work.

So please enjoy The Tomorrow Log ... we hope you'll come back here to let others know you did.


Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Reviews of Tomorrow Log


Lee and Miller are masters at raising danger, action, passion, and loss to an irresistible pitch, keeping the plot moving ahead at a breathless pace. -- Lisa DuMond, SF Site

Well worth reading. -- Jennifer Dunne, Science Fiction Romance