The Wreck of the River of Stars

The Wreck of the River of Stars

Michael Flynn

Synopsis of The Wreck of the River of Stars

This is a compelling tale of the glory that was. In the days of the great sailing ships, in the mid-twenty-first century, when magnetic sails drew cargo and passengers alike to every corner of the solar system, sailors had the highest status of all spacemen, and the crew of the luxury liner the River of Stars, the highest among all sailors. But development of the Farnsworth fusion drive doomed the sailing ships, and now the River of Stars is the last of its kind, retrofitted with engines, her mast vestigial, her sails unraised for years. An ungainly hybrid, she operates in the late years of the century as a mere tramp freighter among the outer planets, and her crew is a motley group of misfits. Stepan Gorgas is the escapist executive officer who becomes captain. Ramakrishnan Bhatterji is the chief engineer who disdains him. Eugenie Satterwaithe, once a captain herself, is third officer and, for form's sake, sailing master.When an unlikely and catastrophic engine failure strikes the River, Bhatterji is confident he can effect repairs with heroic engineering, but Satterwaithe and the other sailors among the crew plot to save her with a glorious last gasp for the old ways, mesmerized by a vision of arriving at Jupiter proudly under sail. The story of their doom has the power, the poetry, and the inevitability of a Greek tragedy. This is a great science fiction novel, Flynn's best yet.

About the AuthorMichael Flynn is an Analog magazine alumnus whose fiction now appears regularly in all the major SF magazines. His major work of the 1990s was the Firestar Series of novels.

Reviews of The Wreck of the River of Stars


Frankly, there's not a lot of fun in this Book, but I'm not going to call it to task for not satisfying my needs for an upbeat space opera -- J.B. Peck,

If there ever was a character-driven "Hard" SF adventure story, this is it. -- EJ McClure, SFRevu

This isn't a bad Book but if Flynn had spent more time in working on the characters within his writing style then things would have been even better. -- GF Willmetts, SFCrowsnest