The X President

The X President

Philip E. Baruth

Synopsis of The X President

It is the year 2055 and America is entangled in a devastating world war...and losing badly. As the threat of homeland invasion grows stronger, the United States is desperate to change the tide, anyway it can.

Enter Sal Hayden, official biographer of a former president known as BC, now 109 years old and all but forgotten. Charismatic, controversial, and always willing to feel another person's pain, BC's political career, like his personal life, is marked by both uncanny triumphs and key blunders'some of which may have doomed the U.S. to defeat. Recording his story has not always been easy, but it has been straightforward. That is, until the day Sal is asked to rewrite it...and not just on the page. For Sal will be granted a biographer's most fantastic dream, one that will thrust her into the greatest moral dilemma of her life...and the world's most daring, dangerous, and spectacular spin job. . . .

Reviews of The X President


Cheerfully embracing the paradoxes inherent in time travel, ''The X President'' provides as good an explanation as any for the uncanny political instincts and against-all-odds success of one of the last century's most engaging and enraging public figures. -- Gerald Jonas, The New York Times

If the Author's sly, humorous approach doesn't always ring true, it does occasionally provoke laughs. -- A.M. Dellamonica,