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Swarovski Crystal

Please note that these product descriptions have been translated from German using a software tool and therefore may contain errors (some of which are kind of funny).

Segel Legende

Swarovski Sail Legend

This slim and modern ship is a great gift for sailing friend! Generously yacht in clear crystal facetted. Mass: 78,1 x 104,5 x 43,8 mm x mm

Spielender Seehund

Playing Swarovski Sealion

This playful sea-dog will draw each day a smile from you. Playing sea-dog in clear facetted crystal. Balls in rose and Jonquil crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 57 x 71 x 44.5 mm x mm

Almazora Blue Turquoise brooch

Almazora Blue Turquoise Swarovski Brooch

The alive colors give certain the something to this costly arranged brooch. Very romantically and nostalgically. brooch in facetted Blue Turquoise crystal in silver version, punched mass: 64 x 36 mm x mm

Aikawa Light Topaz brooch

Swarovski Aikawa Light Topaz Brooch

Exclusive crystalin accents transform this simple however exotic moth into a true Hingucker. This brooch peppt your written undertakings guaranteed up! brooch in facetted Light Topaz crystal in silver version, punziert mass: 66 x 37 mm x mm

Alacan Indicolite brooch

Swarovski Alacan Indicolite Brooch

A mystical moth. The representative Design with the openly arranged crystal stones is a sparkling Accessoire for the exit. Brooch in facetted Indicolite crystal in silver version, punched mass: 80 x 37 mm x mm

Amadora Jonquil brooch

Swarovski Amadora Jonquil Brooch

Facetted brooch in Jonquil crystal with silver version. Mass: 63 x 34 mm x mm

Adena Light Siam Objekt

Swarovski Adena Light Siam Object

This butterfly seizes the beauty of nature and is a true eyecatcher. The wings are provided with crystaline accents. The black elements give the piece a distinctive Look. Butterfly in acetted Light Siam crystal in decorative, punzierter silver version. Mass: 77 x 38 mm x mm

Anamosa Moss Green Objekt

Swarovski Anamosa Moss Green Object

The simplicity and the clear Design make this butterfly the singular decoration object. The brilliante green reflects refined elegance. Butterfly in acetted Moss Green crystal in decorative punched silver version mass: 96 x 66 mm x mm

Zodiak Hund

Swarovski Zodiak Dog

In the indication of the hounds bearing are considered as honest and loyal. Perfect characteristics of good friends! Dog in clear facetted crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 33.5 x 28.4 x 17.3 mm x mm

Zodiak Tiger

Swarovski Zodiak Tiger

In the indication tigers bearing the dear liberty and enjoy playful activities. Tiger in clear facetted crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 58.3 x 25.8 x 22.2 mm x mm

Zodiak Hase

Swarovski Zodiak Hare

In the year of the hare are characterised bearing by their calm, sensitive and affectionate kind. Hare in clear facetted crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 32.7 x 31.9 x 16.3 mm x mm


Swarovski Orca

A sparkling star of the seas! "Swarovski Killer Whalte in clear facetted crystal. Eyes in Moroda and Sahara crystal, base in unfacetted crystal." Mass: 96 x 100,5 x 49,6 mm x mm


Swarovski Hippo

The Hippo is a small and delightful crystal object, which will prepare each day joy for you. "Consists of facetted Hippo in clear crystal. Eyes in jet crystal, head in unfacetted crystal." Mass: 51 x 28,5 x 20 mm x mm


Swarovski Rhino

The Rhino is a small and delightful crystal object you each day joy prepares becomes. "Consists of facetted Rhino in clear crystal. Eyes in jet crystal, head in clear, unfacettiertem crystal." Mass: 54,7 x 26,7 x 20,6 mm x mm

Cross Manschettenknöpfe

Swarovski CROSS of seal buttons

A modern eyecatcher to the casual shirt or to the blouse. Rhodium of seal buttons with Black dia. moon crystal crosses, which are connected with a Rhodiumn chain. Mass: 17 mm x mm


Swarovski Malachite Kingfishers

This shining Kingfishers are a marvelous pair! ", base in matte crystal acetted birds in clear crystal. Crest, tails and further details in Sapphire crystal, bills in Topaz crystal "mass: 52 x 97 x 44 mm x mm

Cross Schlüsselanhänger

Swarovski CROSS Keychain

Rhodium keychain with cross in Black dia. moon crystal. Mass: 95 mm x mm

Meteorite Manschettenknöpfe

Meteorite of seal buttons

A strong contrast to the white shirt or to the white blouse. Rhodnierte of seal buttons with jet crystal ends, which are connected with a Rhodiumn chain. Mass: 14 mm x mm

Kleiner Schneemann

Small Swarovski Snowman

Winter glad courage! The small snowman is the perfect companion for the larger snowman. Small snowman in clear and matte crystal, eyes and buttons in jet crystal, nose in Sun crystal, snowballs into aquamarines crystal mass: 31.5 x 38 x 39.7 mm x mm

Zylinder und Blumenkranz

Swarovski Top Hat and Flower Ring

As symbols of the two-SAMNESS and festivity the charms top hat and flower ring is an affectionate attention for the bride. Two Charms with creme velvet volumes. Hat in clear acetted crystal, edge of hat and rose crystal bloom in unfacettiertem crystal. Rhodiums band. Blooms in clear crystal acetted flower ring with three. Three devoured nickel cords, rosenknospen in rose and Siam crystal. Mass: mm x mm

Der Büffel

Swarovski Buffalo

Are you interested in the stock exchange? Then this exquisite Swarovski bison absolutely belongs on your desk! Generously facetted buffalo in clear crystal mass: 157 x 89.5 x 65 mm x mm

Der Adler

Swarovski Eagle

The eagle is a exquisites object with generously arranged facets, which lend a modern and abstract Look to this piece. Facetted eagle in clear crystal mass: 148.5 x 100 x 63.5 mm x mm

Meteorite Schlüsselanhänger

Swarovski Meteorite Keychain

Original eyecatcher and besides practically! U-shaped Rhodium key trailer with two jet crystal ends. An end removable for keys. Mass: 33 mm x mm

Zodiak Hahn

Swarovski Zodiak Cock

A perfect gift for in the Chinese year of the cock bearing! "Facetted body in clear crystal, comb and tail feathers/springs in unfacetted crystal, eyes in jet crystal." Mass: 32,4 x 34 x 16 mm x mm

Zodiak Schlange

Swarovski Zodiak Snake

Serpent are to bring in accordance with Chinese Astrologie wealth! "body in facetted clear crystal, jet crystal eyes, nickel plated tongue." Mass: 43,4 x 28,1 x 28,3 mm x mm