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Swarovski Crystal

Please note that these product descriptions have been translated from German using a software tool and therefore may contain errors.

Beagle, spielend

Swarovski Beagle, playing

Playing Beagle in clear crystal, eyes and nose in jet crystal, unpolished details. The request to the ball play is formally in the face written this young Beagle. Mass: 43 x 25,6 mm x mm


Swarovski Buggy

Buggy in clear crystal with gilded details a small gift says more than thousand words. Mass: 40 x 35 mm x mm


Swarovski Parfumflacon

Parfumflacon in clear crystal with gilded details hours at the making up table of the nut/mother, the first exercises with lippenstift and Parfum. Mass: 25 x 18 mm x mm

Tee-Set (3er-Set)

Swarovski Tea Set

Three-part tea set in clear crystal with gilded details. A small thank-beautifully for the invitation to tea! Mass: mm x mm

Flügel mit Hocker

Swarovski Piano with Stool

This piano lets musician hearts strike more highly! Piano with stool in acetted clear crystal. Mass: 67 x 54 mm x mm


Swarovski Rose

The rose, an imperishable indication of your feelings. Rose in clear crystal, kristallene rope drops on the sheets. Mass: 81 x 76 mm x mm

Weißer Hengst

Swarovski White Stalion

This piece shows the strong radiant emittance of these elegant animals excellently. Horse in clear crystal, maehne and tail in matte crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 82 x 107 mm x mm

Rose / Brosche

Swarovski Rose/brosche

Clear crystal with gilded details a charming deliverer of an affectionate message. Mass: 16,5 x 84 mm x mm


Swarovski Telephone

Telephone in clear crystal with gilded details. Do you still remember the classical dial? Mass: 27,2 x 27 mm x mm


Swarovski Panda Mother

Panda Mother in clear crystal with details in jet crystal this Panda Mother may be missing in no bear collection! Mass: 45 x 40 mm x mm


Swarovski Panda baby

"Panda baby in clear crystal, legs, eyes and nose in jet crystal" a small Panda, whose view one cannot extract itself simply! Mass: 20 x 18 mm x mm

Feldmäuse (3er-Set)

Swarovski Field Mice

The field mice are for young collecting tanks a suitable gift. details, eyes and Nae in jet crystal mass unpolished field mice in clear crystal: mm x mm

Känguruh mit Baby

Swarovski Kangaroo with Baby

Kangaroo with baby in clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal. The small one it seems to obviously probably be in the bag of its nut/mother! Mass: 56 x 31 mm x mm

STALACTITE Kerzenhalter

Swarovski Stalactite Candle Holder

This candle owner lends the final touch to your mechanism! Five long, conical candle owners in clear crystal, metallic carrier with five employments. Mass: 270 x 160 x 40 mm x mm

Schmetterling auf Blatt

Swarovski Butterfly on Leaf

Butterfly in clear crystal with metallic feelers on matte crystal leaf. Leave yourselves from this affectionately arranged butterfly charms. Mass: 58 x 48 mm x mm


Swarovski Frog

"frog in clear crystal, detail of the eyes in black and green" frog or perhaps nevertheless a prince? It is in any case worth an attempt! Mass: 32,3 x 22,6 mm x mm


Swarovski Leopard

Let from this game cat into the country of the dreams kidnap itself. "leoepard in clear crystal with swung tail, eyes in brown crystal" mass: 99,2 x 47,8 mm x mm


Swarovski Mouse

Mouse in clear crystal, eyes and nose in jet crystal, silberfarbene details the small mouse, a replication of the piece, which with Swarovski history made! Mass: 25 x 23 mm x mm


Swarovski Hedgehog

This hedgehog fits outstanding its brother, the small hedgehog. Hedgehog in clear crystal, eyes in jet, silberfarbene Schnurrhaare. Mass: 26,5 x 20,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Cat

A historicalpregnant piece, which reminds with the mouse and the hedgehog of the beginnings of Silver Crystal. Clear crystal, eyes and nose in jet crystal, flexible metal tail. Mass: 50 x 21 mm x mm


Swarovski Sail Boat

Let your thoughts into the distance curve. Sailing boat with two sails in clear crystal, gilded details mass: 30 x 42,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Saxophone

Saxophone in clear crystal with gilded details of hot Blues and laue nights, the music under-paint a delightful meeting! Mass: 41 x 24 mm x mm

Tintenfass mit Feder

Swarovski Inkpot with feather/spring

The suitable piece for passionierte authors of beautiful letters! Inkpot in clear crystal with gilded details mass: 14 x 36 mm x mm


Giant Swarovski Swan

Giant swan in clear crystal these monogamen animals are a beautiful symbol for loyalty. Mass: 166 x 160 mm x mm


Swarovski Dragonfly

Dragonfly(spirit level) in clear crystal on matte branch leaving it by this flight artist to conference areas to tempt itself. Mass: 67 x 43 mm x mm