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Swarovski Crystal

Please note that these product descriptions have been translated from German using a software tool and therefore may contain errors (some of which are kind of funny).


Swarovski Dolphin

Dolphin and base held in clear crystal, eyes in Sahara crystal the jump of a dolphin, in finest crystal. Mass: 95 x 95 mm x mm


Swarovski Ladybird

Ladybirds let the hearts of the garden friends strike more highly. Ladybird in clear crystal with details in jet crystal. Mass: 20,5 x 12 mm x mm


Swarovski Elephant baby

"clear crystal elephant baby, eyes in jet crystal." This young elephant understands it, humans a smile on the face to charms! Mass: 60,2 x 39 mm x mm

Sektkühler + 2 Sektgläser

Swarovski Sparkling wine radiator + 2 sparkling wine glasses

Sparkling wine radiator + 2 sparkling wine glasses in clear crystal with gilded details of reasons for celebrating gives it surely enough! Mass: mm x mm


Swarovski Grammaphone

Grammophon in clear crystal with gilded details memories to the good old time become awake. Mass: 31 x 36,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Birthday cake

Birthday cake in clear crystal with gilded details a small attention to the birthday! Mass: 20 x 40 mm x mm


Swarovski Gift package

Perfect a small attention! Gift package in clear crystal with gilded details. Mass: 20,6 x 22,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Ballons

Three ballons in clear crystal with gilded details stops it it firmly, otherwise you fly away! Mass: 22 x 51,5 mm x mm

Kleeblatt / Anhänger

Swarovski Clover Necklace

Carry its luck close at the heart. Clover necklace in clear crystal with gilded details at gilded chain. Mass: 19 x 30 mm x mm


Swarovski Shell

Shell with bead in clear crystal the small shell reminds of the past vacation. Perfect a memory of the expanded walks at the beach! Mass: 30,1 x 25,2 mm x mm


Swarovski Dove

Dove in clear crystal, eyes in Light rose crystal, feet in matte crystal a universal symbol for peace and love. A suitable gift for a good friend or a wedding. Mass: 43 x 34 mm x mm


Swarovski Train

Train in clear crystal, metallic liaison vehicles. This course reminded of the dearest toy of the childhood and leaves in memories smolder towards. Mass: 92 x 13,6 mm x mm

Schnecke auf Weinblatt

Swarovski Snail on Grape Leaf

Snail in clear crystal on frosted leaf, silberfarbene details this affectionately arranged snail is a suitable gift for the inauguration of the new dwelling. Mass: 46,5 x 44,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Cat

Thus one would stretch oneself nevertheless also completely gladly times! Cat in clear crystal, eyes in Sahara crystal. Mass: 52,7 x 17,5 mm x mm

Baby Lovebirds

Swarovski Baby Lovebirds

The informal Lovebirds waits only for being allowed to hold with you a chat! Baby Lovebirds in clear crystal, bills in Fire opal crystal, eyes in jet crystal, branch in matte crystal mass: 95 x 50 mm x mm


Swarovski Rocking Horse

Run, horse, run! Omitted raving everyone can probably remember well! Rocking horse in clear crystal, gilded details mass: 36,5 x 41 mm x mm


Swarovski Globe

Globe in clear and frosted crystal with gilded details where is to go the next journey? Mass: 23,5 x 38 mm x mm


Swarovski Bells

Bells in clear crystal, gilded details these decorative bells are suitable excellently as eyecatcher on the wedding cake! Mass: 27 x 32 mm x mm


Swarovski Bouquet

Legends Sie's with flowers, and lend you to its message certain the something! Bouquet in clear crystal with gilded details mass: 21 x 50 mm x mm

APOLLO  Schale

Swarovski APOLLO bowl

Bring something color into your life! Flat one in matte crystal, with various colored crystal gem stones in claw version mass: 190 x 80 mm x mm


Mini Swarovski Crab

Clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal this small cancer waits only for being able to close you into the shears. Mass: 44,7 x 43,3 mm x mm


Swarovski Flower pot

For the successful evening with three blooms became flower pot in clear crystal with gilded details thanking you you affectionate! Mass: 45,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine bottle in clear crystal with gilded details perfect the piece, in order to record memories to a special cause. Mass: 17 x 45,4 mm x mm


Swarovski Baby shoes

Baby shoes in clear crystal with gilded details the baby shoes are suitable excellently as the first attention for the family increase. Mass: 21,5 x 9,8 mm x mm


Swarovski Toy railway

Toy railway in clear crystal with gilded details. This small locomotive with the coal car wakes the memory of the first toy railway. Mass: 24 x 49 mm x mm