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Swarovski Crystal

Please note that these product descriptions have been translated from German using a software tool and therefore may contain errors (some of which are kind of funny).


Swarovski Cockatoo

Cockatoo in clear crystal, bill in jet crystal, comb in Jonquil crystal, frosted branch and base leaving it from this putzigen Kerlchen the day to adorn itself! Mass: 80 x 52 mm x mm


Swarovski Parrots

Two parrots in clear and jet crystal, bills in Fire opal crystal, base and leg in matte crystal lifelong a pair! Mass: 78 x 63 mm x mm

Junger Grizzly

Young Swarovski Grizzly

Small Fischer with large plans. Fits outstanding the Grizzly! Young Grizzly in clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal and small silver fish mass: 51,2 x 43,2 mm x mm


Swarovski Clothes Pin

Clothes Pin in clear crystal, metallic details perfect the Accessoire for each desk! Mass: 55 x 16,9 mm x mm

Babyschnecken auf Blatt

Baby Swarovski Snails on Leaf

Baby snails in clear crystal on leaf in matte crystal these baby snails fit outstanding the snail on wine leaf! Mass: 50,5 x 20,4 mm x mm


Swarovski Dinosaur

A delightful Dino loads you in to discover its praehistorischen roots! "dinosaurs in clear crystal with sheds on head in medium Sun crystal and on backs in medium Sun, orange and Light Siam crystal, eyes and feet in jet crystal" mass: 82 x 33 x 69 mm x mm


Swarovski Lion

Elegance, pride and unrestrained strength particularly emphasize this animal! Lion and base in clear crystal mass: 45 x 120 mm x mm

TRIO Kerzenhalter-Set

Swarovski TRIO Candle Holder Set

All good things are three! Three candle owners in Sapphire, Emerald and clear crystal mass: 37 x 63 mm x mm


Swarovski Aardvark

Ant bear in clear crystal, tail in clear crystal, black painted nose, eyes in jet crystal the quaint ant bear is a completely special piece, which reminds of the threatened animals of our earth. Mass: 57 x 32 mm x mm


Swarovski Yacht

The engine yacht is a symbol for the desired relaxation and liberty - the dream of each man. Engine yacht from 3 pieces of crystal on a wave from crystal. All metal parts are rhodiniert. Mass: 69 x 42 x 27 mm x mm


Swarovski Scale

"balance in clear crystal with gilded details, three separate, small weights" perfect the gift for lawyers or persons, who are born in the indication of the balance! Mass: 41,5 x 43,3 mm x mm

Junger Gorilla

Young Swarovski Gorilla

This humorous bloke seems to want to draw in with you! "young gorilla in clear crystal, bananas in Jonquil crystal" mass: 58 x 61 mm x mm

Zodiak Ratte

Swarovski Zodiak Rat

Rats are considered as charmingly, innovatively, unverbluemt and curious! Body in clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal. Mass: 41,4 x 20,4 mm x mm

Zodiak Ochse

Swarovski Zodiak Ox

Born ones of the Zodiaks ox are considered as reliably, calmly, methodical and systematic. Body in clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal. Mass: 36,3 x 40 mm x mm

Zodiak Ziege

Swarovski Zodiak Goat

Goats apply in Asia as fairly, sincere and creative. A perfect gift for a good friend! Body in clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal. Mass: 40,4 x 39 mm x mm


Swarovski Alpine Buck

Alpine Buck in clear crystal, antlers in matte crystal. The king of the mountains lets the hearts of mountain climbers strike more highly. Mass: 67 x 102 mm x mm


Swarovski Jester

Our fool makes fun! "bodies, head and skirt in acetted crystal, face and skirt in frosted crystal, detail in Jonquil, Light Siam and Sapphire crystals" mass: 98 x 54,6 x 59,2 mm x mm