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Swarovski Crystal

Please note that these product descriptions have been translated from German using a software tool and therefore may contain errors (some of which are kind of funny).

Rainbow Serviettenringhalter

Rainbow Swarovski Napkin Ring

A keeping of your napkin rings secures perfect! "chromed napkin ring owner for the Rainbow set, is sold without napkin rings" mass: 76 x 238 mm x mm

Rainbow Flaschenverschluss, Sapphire

Rainbow Swarovski Wine Stopper, Sapphire

A suitable gift for the wine lover! "Wine Stopper in clear crystal with detail in Sapphire crystal, conclusion in chrome with three gaskets," is supplied with "to mass with one" "drop stop": 28 x 115 mm x mm

Das Kreuz des Lichts

The Swarovski Cross of the Light

"the cross of the light consists rhodinierte plates of 12 full-polished crystal right parallelepipeds, in each case at the ends of each arm, crystal basis" of this unusual piece reflected and symbolizes light in singular way. Mass: 98 x 180 mm x mm


Baby Swarovski Frog

"frog baby in acetted clear crystal, eyes in Sahara crystal" our frog baby will jump directly into your heart! Mass: 25 x 14,5 mm x mm

Der Hund

Swarovski Dog

"modern Design in clear crystal with long facets, collar in rhodium with small detail in Sapphire crystal." Dogs - faithfully, watchful and strongly, the best friends of humans. Mass: 56 x 115 mm x mm

Briefbeschwerer Tautropfen

Swarovski Tear Drop

Asymmetrical paperweight in clear crystal with irregular acetting a decorative eyecatcher for the desk! Mass: 41,5 x 43,7 x 44,7 mm x mm


Swarovski Marmot

This nice and curious marmot will conquer your heart in the storm! Marmot in clear, acetted crystal, eyes in jet crystal mass: 20 x 46 x 28 mm x mm

Die Katze

Swarovski Siamese Cat

"decaying arranged cat in clear crystal with long facets, collar in Emerald crystal" cats - gently, sensitivly, mysteriously, independently and charmingly. Mass: 41 x 119,8 mm x mm


Swarovski Wagon

"Wagon in clear crystal with 6 small cubes in Siam and Sapphire crystal. Swivelling wheels, silberfarbene, metallic details." Go with this marvelous toy car on a fantastic journey into the childhood. Mass: 43 x 28,1 x 18,5 mm x mm


Swarovski Flamingo

Accents in Rosaline crystal make the flamingo the sparkling eyecatcher! Flamingo in clear acetted and unfacettiertem crystal. Detail in Rosaline crystal. Mass: 82,5 x 148 x 52,8 mm x mm

Zodiak Affe

Swarovski Zodiak Ape

Who is born in the year of the ape, does not go past at this piece! "ape in acetted clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal." Mass: 28,3 x 15,5 x 37,8 mm x mm

Zodiak Pferd

Swarovski Zodiak Horse

Do not let this beauty escape oneself! "bodies in acetted clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal." Mass: 41,9 x 19,7 x 49,6 mm x mm

Zodiak Schwein

Swarovski Zodiak Pig

Who is born in the year of the pig, will not be able to resist this figure! "bodies in acetted, clear crystal, eyes in jet crystal." Mass: 25 x 17,3 x 40 mm x mm


Presentation base

Black, modern Design with special matte surface. Simple, modern Design, which fits excellently the annual expenditure and which stresses dynamic style of the piece. Mass: 155 x 110 x 33 mm x mm


Swarovski Chamaeleon

Admirable colorfulness - depending upon beam of light the eyes and the Chaton of green over yellow change too red faceted body and head in clear crystal. Eyes and Chaton in Cantaloupe crystal. Mass: 50 x 19 mm x mm


Swarovski Buck

The majestic deer - a symbol for Vitality and long life. "deer in clear acetted crystal with rhodiniertem antlers, nose in jet crystal, eyes in Smoked Topaz crystal, base in matte crystal." Mass: 178 x 139 mm x mm

Blühender Kaktus

Flowering Swarovski Cactus

"pot and Cactus in acetted clear Swarovski crystal, petals in Jonquil and dust container in Siam crystal." This sparkling eyecatcher dried never and flowers a life long! Mass: 62 x 40,3 mm x mm


Swarovski Parrot

A curious contemporary! Observes the parrot its pinnated friends. "parrot in clear, acetted crystal, bill in Fire opal crystal, eyes in jet crystal." Mass: 70 x 41,5 x 25,5 mm x mm